I’m an #Outmander

I have a penis. After reading the first Outlander book I was totally hooked. I have no idea why more men aren’t reading (or watching) Outlander. Though the announcement that Channel 4 Freeview will screen I hope is about to change that. Thing is it’s patronising to both genders to say […]

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Cancer Research Fraud

After making the decision to raise funds for cancer research I registered for the Great Manchester Run on 28th May 2017 and then tweeted and shared a link to my fundraising page. That day I started receiving messages accusing Cancer Research UK of being fraudulent on a grand scale. To give you […]

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Cineworld Unlimited Cards

..are great for shareholders but bad for audiences. I found that out today. Imagine dad, mum and two kids being told there are no tickets left for a film. They’re friends of mine and I just happened to bump into them in the foyer. I’m feeling a bit guilty at […]

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