Cancer Research Fraud

After making the decision to raise funds for cancer research I registered for the Great Manchester Run on 28th May 2017 and then tweeted and shared a link to my fundraising page.

That day I started receiving messages accusing Cancer Research UK of being fraudulent on a grand scale.

To give you a taste:

-in the pocket of big pharmaceutical companies.
-mismanaging donations.
-misreporting accounts.
-in favour of pharmacological and oncological treatment rather than understanding causes for prevention.
-have cures but are keeping them secret.

As you can imagine I was alarmed and concerned so I did my own research. What I found was lots in the way of accusations, theories, speculation. What I didn’t find was any credible evidence or proof.

My own personal experience setting up the Justice for Willie McRae campaign taught me valuable lessons about unsubstantiated claims in the absence of credible facts (more info on McRae page on this website). In summary, I could find nothing credible that undermines the work of CRUK.

In fact, my digging led me among other things to audited annual accounts that clearly show 80p from every £1 donated (they receive no government money) goes to combating cancer.

If anyone out there has anything credible that proves any of the above claims. Not accusations. Actual evidence. Actual proof. Then please forward it to me and I’ll gladly share it.

In the meantime, I’ll raise what I can to help fund life-saving research and I’ll ignore anything unsubstantiated that undermines trust in the work CRUK are doing.

My fundraising page is HERE