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The Story

Tam is a young man from a tough housing estate who suffers from debilitating panic attacks when faced with confrontation. Pat, a local widower with a murky past introduces his new protege to a solution in the form of a technique combining modern psychology and ancient Zen.

After handing out their own form of justice to a murderer locally they came to the attention of a frustrated senior detective. Like a toxic batman and robin they are recruited for a city-wide vigilante campaign. The sequence of events that follow Tam’s Faustian pact have a devastating effect on not only himself but those closest to him.


Truly shines in its authentic, character filled dialogue and grips the reader‘ – ★★★★ The Skinny

The most impressive of which has to be Coconut Badger‘ – The Guardian


Very pleased I gave Coconut Badger a try‘ – Mel S

A powerfully written book, MacNicol slips easily from one milieu to another‘ – Malachi

Enjoyable, good paced, hooks you in‘ – Lainy McSwain

Very engaging story, an easy read, funny, (saucy in places), wholeheartedly recommend‘ – Teeno

Great character development, great edge to the writing, great humour. A bargain, kept me clicking the pages‘ – C McKay

Absolutely superb, Mark Macnicol is a very talented writer‘ – Dumgoyne