I’m an #Outmander

I have a penis. After reading the first Outlander book I was totally hooked. I have no idea why more men aren’t reading (or watching) Outlander. Though the announcement that Channel 4 Freeview will screen I hope is about to change that. Thing is it’s patronising to both genders to say we like our sex and violence delivered differently, regardless of medium, we want it to be authentic (at least for our characters). Diana Gabaldon’s work is certainly authentic, a bullseye on multiple levels, the research, characters, suspense. I love all of it. As a Scottish Writer, of course I was going to be sensitive to an American setting a story here, especially around such a historically significant period.

In truth the main reason I read the book was because of the TV adaptation shot in Scotland. I wanted to check it out first and see what all the fuss was about. I’ve since become part of the Outlander family on social media (I’ve met a few of them in person too), but the majority are female. It sometimes feels like I’ve gate crashed a hen party. This brief blog post came out of some social media requests for me to speak out encouraging more men to give it a go. So here it is. It’s a thumbs up from this alpha male Scottish silverback. Peace x