2020 and still children with disabilities are being excluded from mainstream education!!!

INEDUCABLE is a stage play written by myself and staff/service users who attend mental health community hub Jean’s Bothy in Helensburgh. Today I had the privilege of attending an online reading of our script by two fabulous actors Helen Mackay and Rachael Keiller – ( Recording available from )

Set in 1954 and although fictional it is inspired by ENABLE Scotland‘s origin story. Our group thought 1954 was the bad old days and although we should never be complacent that these exclusions were a thing of the past. Sadly, it turns out we were wrong. While massive improvements have been made, there is still work to be done. I had a look on social media and was horrified to see so many posts/tweets.

Our intention is to secure funding to stage the play and film a performance (no audience due to current pandemic impact) that will then be available for streaming. If you want to be notified of progress please sign up for updates via this website or Jean’s Bothy.

Big gratitude to Jean’s Bothy, Katrina and her colleagues and also each participant who contributed during our weekly workshops. I personally think it’s a very special piece of work but after what I’ve seen  on social media it feels like us getting it on it’s feet to highlight what’s going on is a priority.

Mark MacNicol