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This is heartbreaking. Babies dying during pregnancy or around the time of birth. I’ve experienced it and so has my Mum. Please put the encounter she had with the Medium to one side. Never mind what you believe, or don’t, about spirit carrying on after physical death. My Mum and I both believe Angela will always be part of our family, not simply a tragic event, but that she is still with us in Spirit. That’s just our personal belief. I don’t think there is anything wrong with telling people what you believe (The problems come when you tell others what they should believe and we’re not doing that).

Since my Mum wrote me the letter about what happened to her and Angela. For the first time in our lives we started to talk and share both our experiences. I discovered my first child’s heart had stopped beating at a neonatal scan. Being able to talk about that experience with my Mum and other loved ones lifted a huge load from my shoulders. I’ve heard the phrase ‘Talking is healing’ a few times from people with similar experiences and I totally agree. Me and Mum are lucky as we have a grave to visit (in the intro video).

I’ve been deeply moved by the messages and photographs from people who have lost children. Nothing I can say here will help. Anyone looking for support, advice, or just to talk, I would recommend you check out the amazing work being done by the team at SiMBA