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I help out at a charity called STREET CONES an organisation who use the arts (Film/Theatre in particular) to affect positive change and help vulnerable and marginalised groups achieve better outcomes.

In response to covid19 restrictions and the impact on delivering their in person workshops they have created a bespoke online group workshop. The overall theme is ‘Road to Change’ with each online workshop focussed on a different theme (depression, self-esteem, addictions, the format can be applied to most themes).

These workshops are moderated by specially trained facilitators and delivered by members of their team (professional creatives Playwrights/Screenwriters/Actors etc).

A wide range of creative techniques are used but the online sessions usually focus on exploration so elements of discussion, research, writing (Film/Theatre) and  also performance. The method is person centred and both the online group room and the process are operated under strict security guidelines to ensure the physical and mental health safety of participants.

Please contact for further info.